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For chef Aaron Clemins, growing up in Milwaukee, the focus was all about food, beer and neighbors.

A settling place for many German and Polish immigrants, the food was greatly influenced by these Eastern European cooking techniques as well as their natural ability to use comfort food to bring cheer, even in the cold winter weather.

You had your local butcher to get your sausages, cured meat, or a great steak; you had your favorite place to get pastry or frozen custard sundae; and then there was always family or local community gathering to share a meal like the Friday night fish fry.

And of course, nearly every corner had a bar on it; sometimes in the bottom of a house, maybe a basement, or just a few rooms converted over, but it was always a place where anyone was welcome and had a comfortable place to unwind.  

At Kuchnia and Keller, we hope to bring that same neighborhood corner bar experience to you. Using local ingredients and Eastern European cooking traditions, plus a strong beer and cocktail program, you can come enjoy a night out, a quick late night snack, or come and just hang out with us all night. Whatever you are up to, you are welcome here!